AllRegs is pleased to present a completely overhauled guide to all things FHA! Our new and improved Mortgage Mentor® Guide to FHA Mortgages not only continues to provide industry practitioners like you with a clear map of the FHA mortgage process (starting with origination all the way through servicing and loan payoff) with handy features like “pop-up definitions” and summary job aids, but also now includes expanded topics like loan servicing and extensive coverage of loss mitigation. We thought of everything – various calculations associated with FHA lending, red flags checklists on topics like collateral review, credit reports, closing, title review, an extensive glossary, live links and reliable citations to the applicable FHA handbooks, just to name a few. In addition there are QC job aids, case binder submission guides, quick references to regulatory concerns, and much, much more!

What it's about

Our new and improved FHA Mortgage Mentor® Guide now includes Loan Servicing – making this guide your COMPLETE resource to support your FHA lending efforts regardless of area of responsibility.

What's Inside

What if you had a complete companion resource to the FHA Handbooks?

Imagine a tool to take the concepts and direction found within the FHA handbooks and translate them into a plain language interpretation of the requirements associated with the FHA mortgage process.

AllRegs has taken each facet of the loan process and created an online step-by-step guide to each stage of an FHA loan complete with supplemental resources, charts, worksheets, checklists, calculation exercises, all at your fingertips. The beauty is the entire Mortgage Mentor® Guide available online with links to actual FHA documents, in a searchable online format. Take it from us; researching FHA guidelines has never been easier!

This Mortgage Mentor® Guide includes the following sections:

  • Introduction to the FHA
    • FHA vs. Conventional lending
    • Policy summary
    • Handbook summary
  • FHA Origination
    • Regulatory concerns
    • Originator & Lender responsibilities
  • FHA Processing
    • Red flags on collateral, assets, employment documentation, etc.
    • Supporting checklists
  • FHA Underwriting
    • Purpose
    • Four C’s
    • General Credit Policy
    • Loan amount calculations
    • Ratios
    • Income/Assets/Funds to close
    • Property types
    • Collateral analysis
    • Credit decisions
  • FHA Closing
    • Pre-endorsement checklist
    • FHA Connection Endorsement guidance
    • Manual Case Binder submission worksheet
    • Closing Red Flags
    • Title Red Flags
  • FHA QC
    • QC & Regulatory Compliance
    • Origination QC & Evaluation Checklist
    • Servicing QC & Evaluation Checklist
  • FHA Loan Servicing – Including
    • Servicing HECM loans
    • Loss mitigation
    • Bankruptcy


An intuitive, comprehensive and extensively researched practical guide to FHA Mortgages, this online guide is available exclusively through AllRegs. The information is organized logically, to mirror the steps in the mortgage process. Users will benefit from the following features, exclusive to AllRegs’ Mortgage Mentor® Guide:

  • Direct links to supporting agency publications, announcements and guidelines in AllRegs
  • User-friendly, "how-to" format covering every requirement a lender must follow, from lender authority through insuring or guarantee and delivery
  • Information is cross-referenced and also provides single points of reference throughout
  • Exclusive worksheets and checklists designed with the novice user in mind
  • "Best practices" for lenders to use as guidance for common procedures and widely accepted standards in the industry
  • Supporting job aids and reference material
  • Continually updated as agency changes and actions require
  • A liberal site license allows for registered users to simultaneously access their own virtual copy, to bookmark and annotate as they please

Target Audience

All operations personnel including origination, processing, underwriting, closing and QC staff of the following:

  • Mortgage Lenders
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Mortgage Bankers
  • Mortgage Servicing Operations
  • Third-party Originators
  • Third-party Service Providers (QC, Audit, Pre-funding Reviews, etc.)
  • Or any entity participating in FHA lending

Niche Audience

Compliance or legal professionals with FHA lending responsibilities

Subscription Information

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