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Mortgage Banking is a complex and multi-faceted industry that requires a variety of highly trained professionals with a wide range of skills, training and personalities. The industry performs an incredibly important function in providing homeownership in the country with the highest homeownership rates in the world. Many Mortgage Banking professionals are highly trained, but in specialized areas such as origination, processing, underwriting or servicing. Many in Mortgage Banking, however, lack an overall understanding of how the industry works, how money flows into the system and how the industry creates value. If you wish to be a leader in the industry, you must know how each of the different areas function and how they are interrelated.

To help you achieve this goal, AllRegs Academy developed a classroom program designed to further develop the mortgage professional’s knowledge of each of the different areas of lending: Origination, Operations, Underwriting, Closing, Secondary Marketing and Servicing, as well as how those areas are effected by each other, and how the industry relies on and impacts financial markets.

Class Schedule

Tuesday, September 19 - Friday, September 22, 2017
Pleasanton, CA
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This course was designed to cover the lending cycle from the origination of a loan through the final payoff. It is intended for those who are new to Mortgage Banking as well as those who wish to expand their knowledge of the overall industry in hopes of moving up in their company, take advantage of new opportunities in the industry or create their own opportunities as entrepreneurs in Mortgage Banking.

The Essentials of Mortgage Banking course is appropriate for those who want to develop their overall knowledge about the industry and gain perspective on their place in it by learning about:

  • The History Of Mortgage Banking And The Evolution Of The Secondary Market
  • The Mortgage Cycle
  • Origination Strategies and Channels
  • Mortgage Loan Products
  • Mortgage Loan Underwriting
  • Mortgage Closing
  • Real Estate Law
  • Warehouse Lending
  • Secondary Marketing
  • Mortgage Loan Administration (Servicing)
  • Fraud and Quality Control

Learning Goals and Objectives:

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Explain the history of Mortgage Banking in the United States and the evolution of the secondary mortgage markets
  • Identify key causes and effects of the mortgage crisis
  • Understand the role that mortgage markets play in the economies of the United States and the entire world
  • Identify the key areas involved in the mortgage cycle and how they are interconnected
  • Explain the different mortgage origination strategies and channels
  • Describe key features of a variety of mortgage products that are currently offered or have been offered in the past
  • Identify the key aspects of mortgage production operations
  • Explain the purpose and process of underwriting
  • Describe the residential mortgage closing process and its variety across the country
  • Have a working knowledge of the major federal laws and regulations that govern mortgage lending
  • Describe how lenders fund loan closings through the warehouse lending process
  • Explain the secondary market and the process the industry uses to permanently fund its loans
  • Understand the functions of Loan Administration and its importance to the value of a mortgage operation
  • Identify different types of mortgage fraud and methods the industry uses to mitigate it
  • Describe the Quality Control process and explain its importance

Target Audience:

  • Those new to the mortgage banking
  • Those who wish to expand their knowledge of the mortgage industry
  • For advancement within their institution
  • Those who want to take advantage of new opportunities in the mortgage industry

Course Benefits:

Upon returning to the office, participants will be able to:

  • List the many roles within mortgage banking
  • Have a fundamental understanding of the interrelationship between different areas and functions
  • Make an informed decision when determining a career path
  • Seek out opportunities in areas where they may not have looked before

Program Details

Day 1

  • Introduction Essentials of Mortgage Banking
  • A history of Mortgage Banking in the United States and discussion of the causes for the recent mortgage crisis
  • The Mortgage Cycle and perspective of the impact of the mortgage industry on the economy
  • Origination Strategies and Channels
  • Mortgage Loan Products

Day 2

  • Review of Day 1
  • Mortgage Production Operations
  • Mortgage Loan Underwriting
  • Underwriting Case Study
  • Mortgage Loan Closing
  • Real Estate Law Part 1: RESPA, TILA & TRID

Day 3

  • Day 2 Review
  • Federal Law Part 2: HMDA, ECOA, FCRA and the rest of the alphabet soup
  • Warehouse Lending
  • Secondary Marketing Part 1
  • Secondary Marketing Part 2
  • Group Project

Day 4

  • Day 3 Review
  • Loan Administration/Servicing
  • Mortgage Fraud
  • Quality Control
  • Fraud/QC Case Study

Course Location and Lodging Information

September Information

Ellie Mae, Inc
C/O Education Center – 1st Floor
4420 Rosewood Drive, Suite 500
Pleasanton, CA 94588
Rooms 124 A&B
Contact Person: Melody McCollum (

Dress for the program is business casual.

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Tuition & Registration: $2,400