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The experts with the AllRegs Professional Services Team offer a complete policy manual review. Our team will help you evaluate your current policies for compliance regulations set in place by federal agencies like the CFPB. You will receive a summary report of gaps and risk assessment in a format that encourages best practices and compliance with new and upcoming industry regulations. Don't wait for your audit, evaluate your policy library today!

What's Included:

There are 13 sections and over 100 pages in the AllRegs Mortgage Underwriting Policy Manual:

  • General Information
  • General Requirements
  • Fannie Mae Desktop Underwriter
  • Freddie Mac Loans Prospector
  • Conforming Conventional Loans
  • Appraisal Standards
  • Specific Property Types - Eligible Products
  • Non-conforming Conventional Loans
  • Government Loans
  • Interest Only Guidelines
  • New Construction
  • Relocation Guidelines
  • Monthly Savings Plan Feasibility Worksheet
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This manual was authored by the AllRegs Business Writing Group. Our staff of industry experts creates training materials, policy manuals, guides, commentary, and other content as a part of our core products. Our expert authors are industry veterans and understand the mortgage business from origination to closing to the secondary market.


The plan features the following benefits:
  • Complete AllRegs' Mortgage Underwriting Policy Manual, saving you development time and resources
  • Applicable for employees or external customers based on your business model
  • Includes sections on Conventional and Government Loans
  • The template is delivered via email within one business day after purchase
  • Formatted in an Adobe document
  • Meet your regulatory or internal compliance requirements
  • Affordable one-time purchase fees

Why You Need It:

  • To manage and regulate your credit policies so that you can do business
  • To communicate to your employees and customers the requirements needed to do loans
  • Save your outsourcing dollars! When you put our Mortgage Underwriting Policy and Procedure Manual in place, you won't need to hire a Consulting, Quality Control or Law Firm to create your plan.
  • Reduce your internal resources' time allocation on creating policy and procedure manuals. You'll save time and staff efforts when you implement our Mortgage Underwriting Policy Manual, created based on industry best practices.

Fees and Fulfillment

  • The AllRegsMortgage UnderwritingPolicy Manual is available for a one-time fee of $1,000 for the standard manual.
    • For standard policy manuals, agreement to our License Agreement is required, and the template cannot be shared or sold.
    • After you place your order, you will receive the document via email within one business day.

For more information, call our sales and customer service department at (800) 848-4904 or email sales@allregs.com.

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